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Premier Kitchen Products specializes in designing, developing, and producing quality, and innovative, branded, and private label, non electric kitchen products. Our core categories are the following: Food Prep, Tools and gadgets, Cookware, Cutlery, Bakeware, Pantry and kitchen Org, Salt Pepper and Spice, Hydration, BBQ Accessories, and Wine and Bar. We have Quality Control, Design and Engineer teams both domestically and abroad to insure our customers’ needs are met around the clock. Our licensed brands Sharper Image, and Frigidaire, are household names known for their Quality and Innovation something that we try to incorporate into every new line of products we develop each year. In 2015 we launched our brand “Kitchen in a Box” in which our first product released was a finalist for the innovation award at the IHS in Chicago. Our focus for this brand is to create complete solution based products that offer either a do more with less or a trusted advisor aspect. PKP also creates customized packaging with eye catching features keeping creativity in every aspect of the product.

MC Bamboo Drawer Org & Tools

Tahari Gold Bakeware Line - with Food

12BP751GY (1)

13MP286BK (1) (1)

Tahari Oil & Vinegar

Tahari Barware Set (Large)

Tahari Knife Block (Large)